Game Modifications

You can download some IPS patches I've made to make the games a little different.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Could the time travel have been planned for Sonic 1? Make your own conclusions!

Warping in Sonic 1


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Beta)

The beta Casino Night we have lacks some of the background blocks. This little hack makes them appear so you can see at least where were they supposed to be placed.

Casino Night Zone without holes in the background

Do you think the crocodile bots were a Hidden Palace badnik? I've managed to draw their graphics (based on the Dust Hill picture and the Sandopolis scorpions body) and put them where the waterfalls and the bridges were. The result shows no messed graphics, and the sprites fit very well. Besides that, they make use of the second pallete, which is never used in the stage.

Hidden Palace Zone with [different] Crocodile bots

T his is what happens when you put the Icecap Zone colours from Sonic 3 in the Hill Top Zone. It's not the 'Winter Zone' Brenda Ross was making, but it looks nice. I've also used the Sonic 1 title screen 'rolling pallete' that's still present in the ROM, to make the lava look like snow.

Hill Top Zone with Icecap Zone colors