Hidden Graphics


Sonic The Hedgehog

Some lights in Star Light Zone that don't appear in the final version.

The Green Hill Zone rolling wooden ball that dissapeared in the final Sonic 1 release.

A strange machine which is located after the Robotnik weapons and the eggtrap in the Sonic 1 patterns. It could be a Beta eggtrap. The pink bits look green in Green Hill (because of the change of the flower colors) and Star Light Zone.

This must be a part of the previous machine. It makes random explosions when placed in the game.

A modified version of this, is at the end of the Final Zone. It looks like a piece of that machine, but there are two different pixels in the lower row.

Sonic's running out of air in the Labyrinth Zone.

This animation was used in Sonic 2, but not in this game. Note that the shoes are completely red!


Sonic The Hedgehog 2
The walking animation of the turtles in Sonic 2 Sky Chase Zone.

Another ledge animation found in Sonic 2 Beta.


Sonic The Hedgehog 3
What's that? S3-1.PNG (4995 bytes)
The Marble Garden Zone boss zooming sprite. S3ROB1.PNG (2014 bytes)
Robotnik's ship escaping? Better than going to the right, as always. S3ROB2.PNG (2836 bytes) S3ROB3.PNG (2644 bytes)
The zooming Eggrobo sprite is also in the ROM. GETBEGGR.PNG (1820 bytes)
Super Sonic's face in Sonic & Knuckles slot machines.

The beta sprite that was supposed to be in Flying Battery Zone boss. Found in Sonic 3.

Found in Sonic 3, it seems that Sonic is calling Tails or someone else.

Also found in Sonic 3. Sonic gets really bored after waiting for a long time?


Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball (Beta)
Some sprites. SPINbeta.PNG (5079 bytes)
The butterflies, birds and bats. SSBANIM.PNG (2208 bytes)
Some Sonic graphics. SSBSONIC.PNG (7666 bytes)


Sonic The Hedgehog CD
Some Japanese texts in Sonic CD beta "ATTACK.MMD" file. They appear in the Japanese Mega CD title screen. Disk Check...


Start Button...


Sonic Crackers
A teleporter in the Speed Slider alpha version?
This animation was hidden in the Sonic Crackers ROM. It looks like Sonic is climbing a platform.
Another one from the cracked game. This time it's Sonic throwing something he has grabbed.


Knuckles Chaotix
Some Special Stage sprites and words like "CLOCK!" or "FINISH".  

Chaotix.png (6289 bytes)


Sonic The Hedgehog (8-Bit)
Ancient, Yuzo Koshiro's company, was in charge of GG Sonic... but the name of the company didn't appear in the final title screen.